Purposeful Living: A Remedy for the “Sunday Scaries”

Oct 26, 2023

We've all been there – that feeling of dread as Sunday evening approaches, often referred to as the "Sunday scaries." It's the moment when the weight of the coming workweek bears down on us, filling us with anxiety and the urge to escape.

For many, this is also when they tend to browse job listings and contemplate a fresh start. But why do people apply for jobs on Sunday nights more than any other day of the week?

We'll delve into the psychology behind the “Sunday scaries” and why it often leads to job searches. Best of all though, we have a remedy!

So, what exactly are the “Sunday scaries”?

The term "Sunday scaries" describes the anxiety and unease that many people feel on Sunday evenings as they anticipate the workweek ahead.

This phenomenon is a common experience and has multiple causes, but one of the most notable is job dissatisfaction.

When people are unhappy at their current jobs, the weekend serves as a brief respite from the daily grind. As Sunday draws to a close, the looming return to work acts as a catalyst for them to consider their options.

Sunday evenings often provide individuals with a moment of reflection. The quiet of the evening allows for introspection, and many people realize just how unhappy they are in their current roles.

These same people are seeking a fresh start. The beginning of the workweek symbolizes new beginnings. People often view Monday as a clean slate, a chance to make a change for the better. This optimism fuels job searches on Sunday nights.

The emotional impact of the “Sunday scaries” is of great concern too. Job dissatisfaction can lead to emotional distress, including anxiety and depression. This emotional toll is often most intensely felt when the weekend ends, driving individuals to seek out alternative career opportunities.

In today's world, work-life balance is a highly sought-after quality in employment. Many individuals view job changes as a means to achieve this balance, which can be a key motivator for Sunday night job searches.

When work dominates your life, it can lead to burnout, strained relationships, and reduce overall happiness. People begin to look for new opportunities as a way to regain control over their personal lives.

In addition, people are increasingly looking for jobs that align with their values, personal goals, and work-life preferences. Sunday evenings offer the ideal time for examination and action.

Job-related stress and anxiety are often at their peak on Sunday nights. Individuals may feel the pressure of deadlines, workplace politics, or a demanding boss. This can drive them to actively seek alternative career paths.

Job searches on Sunday nights may serve as a coping mechanism for dealing with the stress and anxiety associated with the workweek. The hope of finding a better job can provide a sense of relief.

The "Sunday scaries" and the tendency to apply for jobs on Sunday nights are deeply rooted in job dissatisfaction, the quest for work-life balance, and the desire to escape job-related stress and anxiety.

While the phenomenon is a reflection of the challenges faced in today’s workforce, it also represents an opportunity for personal growth and career improvement.

It’s time for a new approach the next time your “Sunday scaries” set in. This remedy will not only cure the “Sunday scaries”, but it will bring a sense of peace, hope, fulfillment and purpose. Truly. That solution: Purpose Guidance.

It was specifically created because our hearts were breaking from hearing countless stories from people who dreaded work and so desperately were seeking fulfillment and joy in their careers.

We couldn’t let it go on any longer! We were each created to leverage our specific talents and skills in our work and experience daily joy. Period.

It’s time for you to say goodbye to the “Sunday scaries” once and for all. Say yes to Purpose Guidance and experience freedom and purpose like you never have before.

You can spend hours scrolling through job sites and experience the same feelings day after day, week after week, or you can say yes to Purpose Guidance and break the cycle.

Take ‘find a new job’ off your to-do list permanently and say goodbye to the “Sunday scaries”.

“Soothing Sundays” are in your future :)

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