Purposeful Living: Ditch the Mid-life Crisis and Find Purpose

Apr 26, 2023

Have you ever had a moment when everything goes into the background, and your focus becomes so clear on one object?

Those moments are usually catalytic, which was the case for me on a gray day in late 2018. I was sitting at the oval table in my small office where my new friend, Dave, had just left. The item of focus was the wadded-up, tear-soaked tissue that laid on the table. I looked at that tissue, and it spoke a thousand words based upon what I had just experienced with Dave.

Dave was a fantastic fellow. He was a devoted husband and had twins about to enter high school. A mutual contact connected us and shared that Dave sensed a career change and needed support. As the owner of a recruiting firm with some insight into finding better work, I always made room for these conversations.

Dave came into that meeting with his big personality and jolly posture. However, thirty minutes later, we had dug into some weighty realities.

Dave had a great career in sales. He found quick success after college, and his career took on a life of its own. He lived in a nice neighborhood, sent his kids to private school, and had a date night with his wife once a month. He traveled a lot, provided for his family, rested on the weekends, but he was constantly on-the-go during the week.

On the surface, life looked terrific, but deep down, Dave was a wreck.

Dave felt stuck. The lifestyle he had created made his need to make a certain amount of money the most critical variable of success. However, He knew there was more to life than this type of “success.” He felt stuck and had fallen into a mild depression. Dave lacked hope that he could escape the lifestyle he created and the work that supported it!

Dave's story is not foreign. In that same month, I counseled a few others just like Dave. The path to support Dave and the other men, who were finding themselves in a mid-life crisis, was beginning to become my new passion. That passion has now developed into what we call The Purpose Promise.

Thankfully, Dave's mid-life crisis was mild. He did not go out and do what many men do: have an affair or buy a corvette to bury the pain of feeling stuck. Instead, Dave committed to going through The Purpose Promise to reshape his view on success to match his best life, which he had not previously mapped out, with his work life.

Dave's commitment to go through those early development stages of The Purpose Promise reshaped his life. He found work that fulfilled all his success factors!

And it all began with Dave on that gray winter day in 2018, which left me staring at those soaked tissues asking these questions:

  • Why would we wait to support people's journey of finding their best life until they are having a mid-life crisis?
  • What if we could steward The Purpose Promise and support a plan to integrate one's best life with their work life EARLIER in their career?

These very questions disrupted my sleep for three nights in a row. It was too important to ignore, so we embarked on a journey to figure out how to adapt The Purpose Promise for younger generations.

And today, I'm thrilled to report; we have done so through The Find a Career of Purpose E-Course for College Students.

We believe this tool will alleviate millions of Americans falling prey to lackluster careers that trap them in a mediocre life. In addition, we believe these e-courses will prevent the ever-so-common mid-life crisis.

It's a big vision, and we need your help!

Do you know a college student or Young Professional who you want to see begin their career the right way? If so, do our society a favor and bless them with the Find a Career of Purpose E-Course for College Students.

If we get upstream and start the Purpose conversation earlier, it will change the world! And you can spark this brighter path for the next generation of leaders you know.

Check out the course today and be a catalyst to alleviate someone's mid-life crisis!

Find a Career of Purpose for College Students E-Course

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