Purposeful Living: The Top 5 Lessons Fatherhood Taught Me About Finding Purpose at Work

Jun 16, 2023

Happy Father’s Day to all the father figures out there who are raising children. Being a dad is one of the most challenging and rewarding roles in my life. June is a month to celebrate all that is won and learned through being a dad. Watching your child grow up, teaching them values, and being there for them every step of the way is a commitment that demands the purest form of love, discipline, and dedication. As a father, I have learned various lessons that help me find Purpose in my everyday work. What a joy this month presents to step back, reflect, and share some of the most valuable lessons I learned and how I integrate them into my work life to help me feel more fulfilled and purposeful.

Lesson #1: Prioritizing What Truly Matters

As a father, you quickly learn that there are plenty of things that demand your attention, but not all of them are equally important. I had to learn how to prioritize the things that mattered most to me, and the same principle applies to work. To find purpose at work, you have to prioritize the things that align with your values and mission.

Ask yourself, what are the things that truly matter to you at work?

What are the things that give you a sense of fulfillment?

Make these things a priority, and you will eventually find your purpose.

Lesson #2: Staying Present

Being present with your kids is essential in forming strong connections with them and showing them that they matter. I've learned that it's vital to apply the same presence and focus at work. When I'm working on a project or engaging with my colleagues, I make sure I am fully present and engaged in the task at hand. This allows me to stay focused on the task, build confidence in my colleagues, and brings about a sense of fulfillment knowing that I'm doing good work.

Lesson #3: Flexibility

Kids are unpredictable, and as a dad, you have to learn to pivot and adjust quickly to changes in plans. The same is true when it comes to work. To find purpose in your work, you should learn to be flexible and adjust to changes without losing sight of your mission. You may need to pivot in your approach or change your team's direction, but as long as you stay focused on your goals, you'll eventually find the path that brings you fulfillment and purpose.

Lesson #4: Giving Yourself Grace

As a father, I've learned that I have to give myself grace when I make mistakes. I'm still learning and growing as a dad, but it's okay to get things wrong sometimes. The same is true when it comes to work. None of us are perfect, we will all make mistakes from time to time, but it is important to give ourselves grace and learn from our experiences. When we learn from our mistakes, we can make improvements, grow as individuals, and find purpose in our work.

Lesson #5: Celebrating Small Wins

As a father, it's important to celebrate the small wins with my children. From the first steps to good grades, every milestone is worth celebrating. And when it comes to work, we must also learn to celebrate the small wins. Acknowledge your accomplishments, whether it is finishing a project, delivering excellent service, or making a significant positive impact on someone's life. Celebrating your small wins reminds you that what you are doing matters, and it helps you stay motivated to reach your goals.

Fatherhood has taught me valuable lessons that extend far beyond the walls of my home. Lessons that apply to work and to life in general. Lessons on prioritizing what matters, staying present, being flexible, giving yourself grace, and celebrating the small wins. These lessons have provided me with a solid foundation that keeps me grounded and motivated. And as a leader, I treasure these lessons and apply them when I lead my team. I encourage every leader to look to fatherhood and learn the lessons that will help you find purpose in your work and life. And if you are seeking to better integrate your best life at home with your best life at work, we would love to support that worthwhile endeavor. We have many options so you can plan that path. Please connect with us by seeing those options at our website.

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