Success Myths: A Meaningful Journey is Not Found Alone

Aug 2, 2021

Patel is a single dad to an incredible 2-year-old daughter, named Aki. He works as a successful Operations Manager at a local food distribution company. The hours are traditional, yet, he is arguably never off duty.

Have I mentioned that he’s a pro at whipping up a mean batch of scrambled eggs, after conquering the circus called “getting dressed”?

Those events are followed by packing up for daycare (which can feel like packing for weekend getaway. Any other parents out there that can relate?!) And this is only a preview of his life prior to 8:30 am!

There is ALWAYS something demanding his attention, inside and outside the office, until his head hits the pillow.

But Patel’s career has got his mind spinning. He is internally motivated and admired by his co-workers. His innovative ideas have propelled the company into greater success for the last 2 years. And while he feels like he is conquering life at home and work…….he knows he can’t do this alone anymore.

The loneliness, paired with feelings of overwhelm, are indescribable. Nobody could guess this by looking at his superhero-like capabilities and appearance.

Patel knows he needs to follow the urge to take time to build into HIMSELF. The saying “it takes a village” is not only relevant regarding raising children.

He needs to look towards the village. The community of people that can mentor him, so he doesn’t have to go at it alone. Because success is not a solo journey.

Think about those times where you have experienced challenge. I'd be willing to bet there was a part of that time that was filled with loneliness. It was probably due to the independent mindset that perpetuates this world.

The common myth that we're supposed to do it on our own. Do it with our gifts. Do it by continuing to push on because we're capable and competent.

Start to realize those times in your career, and gain awareness around how you combat the myth that “Success is a Solo Journey”. Come around others, create a village, and invest in yourself.

Habit to Cultivate:

  • Seek out an establish a mentor relationship. If you already have a mentor that is building into your life, commit to regular meetings and vulnerable conversation.

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