Success Myths: Purpose is a Destination

Jan 18, 2021

We have all heard it said in one way or another… Life is not about a destination, rather the journey.

Most of us would agree with that; however, most of us subliminally believe that success is a destination.

You go to school, declare your vocational path and push on until you reach retirement, and then you can drink Pina Coladas on the beach until you sail into the sunset and leave a legacy. Sound familiar?

That picture is commonplace but not realistic. The typical view of working really hard during the second third of your life, and in some instances foregoing the great parts of life in that season, to reach a third third of life where joy is abundant is a myth. The idealistic destination we call retirement that so many seek is a mirage, and it is keeping people trapped in the rat race.

I was reminded of this recently as we walked with a Purpose Seeker. Kevin sat in my office, and he recounted the memories of missing his son’s baseball games and birthday parties for work. His son was estranged, and Kevin felt shame. He admitted he could have done more. He could have been there when his son needed him, but instead, he believed the myth that he would get to a more important destination if he worked more.

Millions of Americans fall prey to this myth and end up just like Kevin, regretting the missed moments. Kevin and others believe that providing the financial abundance that overworking can provide is more important than being present with their family. That presence is not as sexy as the titles or accumulating zeros on the bank statement, but it pays long term dividends. Kevin’s hindsight revealed that to have quality time with the most important people in your life, you need to have quantity of time.

This success myth drives your eyes on the destination of success more than the journey of it. The focal point on the destination reduces your journey of investing in life’s greatest pleasure: those you get to do life with!

If this success myth resonates, don’t be ashamed, but do reshape your success definition to include the journey now, not just the destination then. Doing so will help you break free of the rat race and help you race towards those you love!

So how about you? Do you have a vision of then that keeps you from investing in the now?

If so, are there changes that you can make in your work life to prioritize quantity of quality time?

Habits to Cultivate:

  • Analyze who is most important to you now, and make a plan to prioritize more quality time with them.
  • Consider the healthy balance of planning for then and living in the now.

If you are struggling with this success myth, grab The Purpose Promise book and start your journey to understanding how to craft your Purpose and find purposeful employment. We have helped thousands of purpose seekers obtain purposeful careers. You can do it too. We would love to help guide you.

We would love to help guide you.

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