Success Myths: Purpose is Finding Greener Grass

Jul 20, 2021

Months of researching, applying and interviewing had finally paid off. Antonia’s hands were clammy and her heart rate was elevated. She had done everything she could to make sure her first day of work went off without a hitch.

That night, Antonia dug further into the orientation paperwork and was blown away by the vast opportunities that the company offered. The corporate culture, mission, and growth potential seemed promising. The pay was fair and the co-workers she had met seemed like they would add to the excitement of going to work. It was a dream come true, really! Everything she had worked toward had led to this!

Fast forward 5 years.

Antonia’s performance review had gone incredibly well, and the company was thrilled with the impact she was making. She too was proud of her accomplishments and felt grateful to have experienced so much growth over the past several years. To an outsider, there should be no reason why any thought of changing jobs would cross Antonia’s mind.

But here she was. Antonia could picture the next 15 years of success with this company! At the same time, she wondered if the grass was greener somewhere else. In her time with the company, she had learned more about her passions and the skills that she possessed and enjoyed using.

Yes, she could be happy with her current company, but what if there was even more? Maybe a place where her hobbies could meet her work? Or a place where she could more directly improve others lives? A place where her new found gifts could align with her aspirations.

Antonia had these thoughts at many points over the course of the last 5 years. She had become accustomed to stifling them, and skilled at convincing herself that she would later regret the decision to explore and leave her thriving career. She only wished she could have found answers prior to investing so much time at her current employer.

So how about you:

  • Is your career keeping you from your purpose?
  • Are you in a job where your gifts can align with your aspirations?

Habits to Cultivate:

  • Evaluate what you enjoy in your job, and ask yourself: "Could I do this job for the next year without any thought of wondering if there was possibly a better fit?”

If you are struggling with this success myth, grab The Purpose Promise book and start your journey to understanding how to craft your Purpose and find purposeful employment. We have helped thousands of purpose seekers obtain purposeful careers. You can do it too. We would love to help guide you.

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