Success Myths: Success is Performance

Sep 15, 2020

Are you a top performer or strive to be? If so, is that a good thing?

Of course, but when it is the sole driver of your self-worth and identity, performance can become an idol! Trust me, I own a performance idol and need to fight to ensure it does not drive my view of success.

I developed this performance idol when I started to believe this equation: when I was performing well – then I was earning love.

The memory of my when/then correlation created a belief that has driven my behavior towards success. Performance became the catalyst to my self-worth because my environment positively reinforced me when I was performing. Your environment does the same.

The world we live in will tell us we are what we have done, but that is not true. Believing that lie will create suffering.

As I started my career, I was a striver. I hit the nail, and I hit it hard. It led to success, in the eyes of many onlookers, and in the standards of the world, but I awoke one day to realize I had performed well at work but not with the people I loved the most. My marred relationships were the teacher that my performance is not the sole driver of success.

It was a hard realization I had to face. Thankfully, as I apologized to those whom I had neglected during my stiving for performance, they were graceful. I turned over a new leaf and have vowed not to let my relationships suffer at the hands of my performance idol.

Now, I may not have the accolades of performance that I could have obtained; however, I have a better prize: thriving relationships that create true success in life.

Have you believed this same success myth? If so, it's not too late to recalibrate what success means to you. Prioritize the people in your life over your performance and live a life of Purpose!

Questions to Ponder:

  • What influences reinforce that your performance dictates your identity?
  • Are these the core drivers of your Purpose?

Habits to Cultivate:

  • Take the time to consider where you have adopted your view of success.

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We have helped thousands of purpose seekers pivot into purposeful employment. You can do it too. We would love to help guide you. If you are experiencing this success myth and are feeling disengaged, get started on your path to purpose.

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