Success Tips: Find Purpose In Your New Identity

Sep 18, 2022

“But, I’m a man of my word,” Dan said with conviction.

“Of course, you are I rebutted, but it is possible that your commitment is outdated?”

I was met with a strange and inquisitive glare.

Dan was a good man: an honorable husband and father. He had a career path with a medium-sized company where he had worn many hats and developed many good skills. He was loyal. Very loyal. As he went through The Purpose Promise, it became clear that his loyalty was his greatest strength and a potential blind spot.

Dan had connected with us because he knew his life had changed, yet he was having a hard time adapting to a new norm. COVID had forced him to work from home more than he was used to and more than he preferred. But while working from home he learned a lot about himself, his wife and his family.

Most of all, he learned that they needed him. His ability to break away from work to be present for his son, daughters, and wife made an impact on his identity. He learned what it looked like to not have his identity tied up solely in his work accomplishments. And then, when it was time to go back to the office every day, he struggled to merge his two identities: Dan the loyal worker, and Dan, the loyal Dad.

He wasn’t sure how to be the husband, dad and worker he wanted to be. He didn’t see that it was possible to be all three.

Change is very hard. When we have pivotal revelations about who we are it is convicting to change; however, it requires habits to change. The prospect of change became difficult because the environment that Dan was used to did not reinforce the change – or at least that is what he often told himself.

As Dan and I continued down the pathway of his newfound identity and how work could support him being a great spouse, dad and worker, he started to gain some hope that the change he wished for could become his reality.

The first step for Dan was to have a vision. This vision was about the integration of his newfound passion to be more present as a husband and father. The second step was crafting a conversation so he could boldly ask if his employer could help him with some new boundaries in his career role with them.

A lot of us believe that our employer is unwilling to change. But there has never been a time in history when employers have been more open to new norms of how employees work.

For Dan, this was the mixture of work from home, and a little less travel and office time. We crafted the conversation together, rehearsed, and then prayed together. Those prayers were answered. Dan’s proposal to his employer was met with open ears. They wanted to keep Dan and they wanted him to be his whole self: Dan the husband, Dan the father, and Dan the worker.

Fast forward: Dan has been working his hybrid schedule for a few months and loves his work. He is more effective than ever. He is a better husband, and he gets more quality time with the kids. Dan is now living in his fullest purpose.

How about you?

Are you able to integrate your home and work ambitions?

Are you working in an environment that enables the changing nature of your identity?

It’s important to be honest when answering these questions. It’s the only way to embrace your purpose. If you need help, like Dan did, to identify your purpose and find purposeful employment we would love to support your journey. Because your truest identity leads to your best self!

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