Success Tips: Is Too Much Knowledge Robbing You of Fulfilling Work?

Jul 18, 2022

The average American consumes more than 105,000 words per day. Whether it is through Alexa, your radio, your news feed or what your neighbor tells you, the amount of information we take in is larger than ever before. Is it helping us?

We believe the amount of information we have access to is actually robbing most of us of true joy!

Joy is an output of intentional life. Happiness, on the other hand, is circumstantial. We were meant to live with joy, and we were meant to obtain joy based on our unique goals and desires in life. When we borrow the goals and desires of others, we end up adopting our beliefs. When we adopt our beliefs, we fall short of joyful life. We may feel happy when we accomplish what others tell us will make us happy, but that happiness will be only temporary. The knowledge we take in can rob us of the wisdom we need.

The 105,000+ words we consume per day are very powerful! They creep into our subconscious and direct our lives. We must be conscious of what we consume. If we are blind to the power of the vast amount of info we take in, we are in danger of falling prey to the world’s standards of success and happiness. When we seek wisdom that is unique to oneself, we set ourselves up to define our own personal goals, ambitions and life track. This wisdom is what we need, not more knowledge.

75% of Americans don’t love their work. At the root of this catastrophic fact is that most people have consumed too much knowledge about what they should or should not do in their careers. When this knowledge is the subconscious driver of our career ambitions, it may lead to temporary happiness, but ultimately leaves us feeling empty.

The tsunami of knowledge is leading us into a desert of wisdom!

So, how do we break through all the knowledge to find true wisdom?

We unplug. We prioritize contemplation of ourselves. We seek what we were uniquely created to be, and then we prioritize letting the wisdom we find drive our lives and our careers.

Sound difficult? Yes, it is! But rest assured, you do not need to prioritize the contemplation of yourself alone. There are great resources to guide you. The best resources are filled with the right questions for you to ask, because nobody can tell you who you should be.

We are eager to explore the contemplative life of self with you so you can gain the wisdom you need to find true joy! Don’t be a bystander swept up in the tsunami of knowledge. Be a standard of the joy-filled life by gaining wisdom, finding great work aligned with your true self, and live a joy-filled life.

The Purpose Promise book and workbook are a great starting point for your journey to the joy-filled life. They will help you gain the wisdom needed to find fulfilling work. Because fulfilling work is the foundation of a joy-filled life!

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