Success Tips: The Great Realignment

Jan 18, 2022

Are you part of the Great Resignation or the Great Realignment?

My phone has been blowing up with people on the other end asking the same question: How am I going to sustain my business amidst the Great Resignation?

The recent labor reports show another record-breaking month of workers leaving their jobs. 3% of the workforce resigned again this month. It's a startling statistic, but as an optimist and purpose enthusiast, I think we are finally headed in the right direction.

Let me explain…

COVID exposed a major problem – most Americans don't like work! Additionally, most Americans spend more waking hours at work than anywhere else. The combination of these two facts is having catastrophic effects on lives, families, and our country.

The last two years have taught us that life is short. It has taught us to assess what is most important. It has taught us that relationships are the most valuable part of life. And now, we collectively don't want to go back to work just to collect a paycheck. After all we took for granted was stripped, we know there can be more to life. We want work to align with our best life in the new normal.

Your best life= you are prioritizing the most important relationships, working with your gifts, and sustaining your lifestyle. Can this really exist?

The answer is a resounding YES, but the chances of you finding what you crave deep down are unlikely if you don't know what it is. There is a need for a collective realignment of how work fits into life. There is a need for a Great Realignment and I’m hopeful we have entered the beginning stages.

My greatest hope for the Great Realignment is to awaken a collective consciousness to find a unique perspective on success. Success is not a group calibration. Each person's true success and purpose is relative to their ideal life.

Most Americans dream about their ideal life, but the real test is seeing if we can gain consciousness about unique success.

The Great Realignment could be the shift this country needs to break through the few years of division and discontentment we have experienced. This is possible if and only if we step back, stop keeping up with the Joneses, and start gaining greater self-awareness.

We must step back to move forward. We must retreat to renew.

Individual renewal will lead to the Great Realignment and maybe the greatest hope for America as we embrace our new normal.

Are you ready to embrace your Realignment? We have the process to help you retreat, renew and realign. Start today and be a pioneer in the Great Realignment!

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