Success Tips: Unmasking Success

Oct 13, 2021

Growing up, I was constantly putting on shows with my siblings.

The fireplace hearth was the stage. The big plastic Fisher-Price color changing flashlight was our spotlight. Two people would stand on step stools on either side of the fireplace holding up a bed sheet. This was our curtain and backdrop, of course!

Featured costumes included: my grandpa’s old army uniform, sequined dance recital get-ups, superhero capes, old used bridesmaid dresses, Hulk shirts (with the awesome foam abs), wigs, and everything in between.

If we were lucky, we could snag some half dried up face paint used at one of our birthday parties.

It was a blast to constantly switch the look, character, and dialect of the person we were portraying. The possibilities were endless!

That’s the one reason I still think Halloween is so much fun! It’s the one time of the year when I can dress up and be anything I want.

We all put on a show in some way or another.

But is the show we put on only for Halloween or do we wear masks every day?

Millions of Americans have adopted someone else's view on success. They are striving to achieve something, so they can have an image that the world accepts; however, the scariest part of the subconscious masks we wear is that they hide our true selves.

Showing the world our true selves is vulnerable. There's the chance that we could get shamed, rejected or ridiculed. Nobody likes those feelings!

This means that, subconsciously, we often don’t reveal ourselves. This trend leads us into believing in success that is SAFE instead of success that is PURPOSEFUL.

When we are not aware of the subconscious masks that we wear, we end up believing lies about ourselves and catering life towards those lies.

To find true success, take some time to reflect this Halloween season. Seek to remove any masks that are keeping you from believing the truth about what success is, unique to you!

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