Find a Career of Purpose E-Course

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Who it’s for:

This e-course is perfect for any college student or recent graduate who wants to find work they will actually enjoy.

What you get:

  • 16 video lessons (each lesson is 2-5 minutes in length and easy to watch)
  • Companion fillable, digital workbook of deep-dive exercises
  • The completed exercises result in a comprehensive plan to maximize your college experience and obtain a career you will love

How long will it take?

There are approximately 58 minutes of videos and exercises to complete in the fillable, digital workbook. You do not need to complete the e-course in one sitting.

Why you need it:

Over 60% of people are unengaged at work. College should prepare you for a great career, yet without the right direction, many college graduates will still be among that 60% who are unengaged and unhappy. This e-course gives you the direction you need to love your work and avoid a lackluster career.

We believe you can find a career that utilizes your unique purpose and allows you to live a life full of meaning. Although work isn’t everything, we can certainly agree that it makes up a huge part of your life, so why should you get stuck doing something that isn’t fulfilling?

Our bite-sized video lessons contain a teaching moment, a contemplative example or story, and then guide you to the corresponding exercise in the workbook to complete on your own time.

If you’re seeking meaningful work after college, then you’re in the right place! Our “Find a Career of Purpose” e-course and digital workbook will take you through some self-discovery exercises to uncover your true purpose, find the intersection of your passions, skills, and talents, and give you the tools to find a career that gives you meaning, fulfillment and purpose!

Don’t risk jumping into your first job out of college and hating it in a few months, or even a few years. This e-course will help you outline a path to a career that brings you joy, utilizes your purpose, and leads to a happier life overall.

E-Course Reviews

In my 30-year career as a Professor, Advisor, and Provost, purpose was always a significant topic of conversation. Students struggle to find purpose in their lives, which makes it difficult to form solid career plans, which impacts their commitment to college. The large majority of first year experience and academic support programs do not address this critical issue—they do great work with the “what” and “how” questions but fail to help students find the essential “why”. Lack of purpose = lack of motivation, which significantly impacts retention and persistence. The Purpose Promise program fills this gap by leading current and prospective students on a non-threatening journey to clarity. Highly recommended as a supplement to other career services and enrollment strategies.

- Tom Thatcher, Executive Director of the Element Group and former Provost of Cincinnati Christian University

Every college student should take The Find a Career of Purpose E-Course. By the end of the course they will be thinking about their next step in life with clarity, passion, and most importantly purpose. We all want students to flourish in life and this course has developed a road map to get there.

Justin Bayer, CEO,

Course Curriculum

Introduction to The Purpose Promise

The Introduction (2:22)


What is The Purpose Promise? (4:05)


What is Purpose? (4:53)


What is a Career of Purpose? (4:31)


Gifts and Development

Do You Know Yourself? (1:46)


What Are Your Gifts? (1:52)


How Do You Develop Your Sweet Spot? (2:59)


What if My Path is Unknow? (2:01)


The Introduction (2:22)


Motivations and Finance

How Have You Defined Success? (2:06)


Can You Own Your Success? (4:52)


What is True Wealth? (5:02)


Relationships and Balance

What is Your Relational (Capital P) Purpose? (3:33)


Can I Balance it all with Work? (2:15)


What is Your Purpose? (7:21)


What Comes Next?

Do You Have a New Perspective (0:54)