Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions. We have answers! Below are some of the most common questions we receive. If you don't find the answers you're looking for, please be sure to contact us.

What is The Purpose Promise?

We're a company dedicated to helping people leave unfulfilling work behind and guiding them as they seek and step into employment that is fulfilling, purposeful, and best aligned with their personal life.

Why was The Purpose Promise created?

Many people view work as something they HAVE to do, and not one of the best parts of their life. Gallup statistics show that 80% of people are not engaged and satisfied at work. This is a huge problem, and the reason why we created The Purpose Promise!

Who is it for?

Anyone who feels their work lacks meaning or purpose.

What's the time commitment?

30 minutes a day for 9 days. These 9 days do not need to be done in a row, but are best done over the span of 3 weeks. Best results come when going through the process with a Purpose Guide.

What is a Purpose Guide?

A Purpose Guide is someone who has gone through The Purpose Promise process themselves and has chosen to go through the in-depth certification process so they can guide others through the process.

What does it mean to walk with a Purpose Guide?

Walking with a Purpose Guide is a personalized guided journey to move from lackluster employment to a place of purpose, meaning, and fulfillment in your work. At the end of the process, you will have a concise document that provides clarity on how you, specifically, find meaningful and rewarding work that aligns with your purpose. Your Purpose Guide then helps you strategize how to find such work and is there to support you as you do so.

Do I need to go through this journey with a Purpose Guide?

You don't have to, but it is how you will get the best results. Purpose Guides help you debrief, analyze, and identify your purpose.

Each Purpose Guide has been through a detailed certification process and is trained to walk with you to maximize the journey and the results. The process of moving into new, more fulfilling work can be a daunting and emotional task. A lot of questions and confusion arise. It's difficult to logically dissect core issues, desires, and direction when you are facing these challenges. That's where the Purpose Guides' training comes in.

What is a Purposeful Employment Expert?

Our Purposeful Employment Experts have worked for years in the recruiting and job coaching industries. They have helped thousands of job seekers find purposeful employment. They will help you determine the best methodology for you to find purposeful employment.

Who am I going to be meeting with?

A certified Purpose Guide. Click here to learn more.

How many times do I meet with someone?

4 times. Each meeting lasts 1 hour. You will also receive 90 minutes of phone support.

What is the goal if I sign up?

To provide clarity on how you integrate your best life at home with your work life. The culmination of the process is a document that details this integration. The document gives a clear and effective path to find meaningful and rewarding work that aligns with your purpose.

How long does the process take?

It is subject to your availability to meet (virtually or in person). The majority of people complete the process in 10 days-3 weeks. The retreat journey is best done over the course of 2-3 weeks.

When are the guides available to meet?

Each of our guides has different availability and you will be matched with someone who fits your needs.

At what time of day are the meetings with a guide done?

Meetings can be done at all times of day, and we will accommodate depending on your needs.

Can I do it virtually?

Yes! Meetings can be done virtually or in person.

What is the guide selection process in order to pair me with a guide?

There is a quick initial intake call to hear about your preferences (virtual vs in-person; availability; goals; etc.) so we can determine who is most accessible and professionally compatible with your needs.

How much does it cost to walk with a Purpose Guide?


Do you have to pay all at once or are payment plans offered?

You pay all at once prior to your first Purpose Guidance meeting. Customized payment plans can be discussed on an as needed basis.

Are scholarships offered?

If you are in a place where financial hardship would prevent you from going through the purpose guidance journey, we would love to speak with you. Please contact us at

What if I already bought the books, but now want to go through the process with a Purpose Guide? Will I get a rebate on the Purpose Guide package since books are included with the package?

No problem, you can still go through the process with The Purpose Guide! We will deduct the cost of the books from your Purpose Guide package.

What tools and resources will I need to buy?

When you sign up to go through the process with a Purpose Guide we will provide you with all the tools and resources you will need.

What will I achieve/gain from going through The Purpose Promise journey?

Clarity on how you, specifically, find meaningful and rewarding work that aligns with your purpose. You will leave the process with a concise document that is tailored to your needs and desires, so you can walk into employment that you love and allows you to live your best life in and outside of work.

Is this confined to the workplace and your career, or does it carry over into personal life?

We believe that a satisfying and meaningful work life will carry over into helping create a positive and enriching personal life. Our personal lives have a huge impact on our needs and desires when it comes to employment as well.

What if I need more help after The Purpose Promise retreat journey is over?

Purpose Guides are available to continue meeting, and have the discretion to charge $75-$150 an hour per meeting. These meetings act as personal and career development sessions to continue implementation of your individualized Purpose Promise document. Scholarships are available if finances would prevent you from pursuing these meetings. We want to ensure you receive the support you need.

Is it going to be Christian based?

Many Purpose Guides' world view is based in Christianity, however, we will accept and appreciate wherever you are in your faith walk and we'll customize and complete the journey according to your beliefs and preferences.

What if I'm not a Christian or don't want Christian insight?

You do not need to be a Christian to find meaningful employment with The Purpose Promise. We will customize and complete the journey according to your beliefs and preferences.