Success Myth: Performance


September 15, 2020

Success Myth: Performance

Do you believe your success is based on performance? Maybe you are working hard, trapped in the rat race, pushing and chasing after elusive career goals that don't bring true fulfillment. In this episode, career expert and Purpose Promise founder John McCarthy explores the surprising source of the performance myth and how you can break free from the drive to perform. He is then joined by Susan Carson, author of Rooted(IN): Thriving in Connection with God, Yourself, and Others. Susan shares how she overcame her addiction to performance to build a truly successful life based on purpose. 

The Purpose Promise Podcast

The right job is the foundation of a fulfilling life. At the Purpose Promise, we are the sworn enemy of the rat race, which has caused epic levels of disengagement in the United States and around the world. The Purpose Promise Podcast will lead you to a deeper understanding of how to find meaningful work. In each episode, career expert and author John McCarthy explores common success myths and practical ways that you can uniquely define what purpose means to you!

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