Do you love your work?

I mean truly love your work, where you wake up in the morning, excited to take on the day and ready to face the many challenges with vigor and passion? The fact is that about 75% of us do not. This is a scary trend and we need to work together to change this statistic.

When workers are disengaged, they lack purpose and perspective on success. Often, they run after an illusion of success that is adopted through worldly standards or from a deeply rooted influence from their past. The bottom line is this: you can't find purpose if you are chasing after success myths. Finding work that aligns with your purpose and unique definition of success is essential for a joy-filled life.

We've been blessed to learn from true life situations as we support and offer assistance to others on their journey to become more self-aware about their purpose. Based on these stories, we've compiled the lessons about what true success is and how to find it.

We know the lessons and stories will illuminate and build the bridge from success myths to purpose! The Purpose Promise Movement presents our blog, The Bridge to Purpose.

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